Announcing The McGill Dobson Cup 2020 Semi-Finalists

Jihane El Atifi – Program Manager

The McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship is pleased to announce the teams moving on to the Semi-Finals of the McGill Dobson Cup 2020 powered by National Bank. After much deliberation and a thorough application review process, the Dobson review panel has selected 96 teams to move on to the next stage of the competition: CONGRATULATIONS!

Competing within four tracks: Health Sciences (26 teams), Social Enterprise (13 teams), Small Medium Enterprise (28 teams) and Innovation Driven Enterprise (29 teams), the selected startup teams will have the opportunity to pitch in front of world-class judges and mentors.


Semi-Final Pitch schedule:

  • February 11, 2020 – Qualifying Health Science track & Social Enterprise track teams pitch to judges
  • February 12, 2020 – Qualifying Small & Medium Enterprise track & Innovation Driven Enterprise track teams pitch to judges

Final Pitch schedule:

The teams that persevere past the Semi-Finals will be invited to the Finals round of the competition, scheduled to take place on March 30th, 2020. The competition will culminate with the McGill Dobson Cup 2020 Awards Ceremony, taking place on April 8th, 2020, where over $200,000 in seed funding will be awarded to the most promising startups.

Get your tickets for the Awards Ceremony now to find out who wins – tickets sell out fast!

The McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship would like to thank everyone who took the time to submit their business plans. Thank you for your support and hard work… and don’t worry, even if you were not able to compete in this year’s McGill Dobson Cup, there are plenty of opportunities to pursue your entrepreneurial endeavours!

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Additional resources

*Teams competing in the McGill Dobson Cup 2020 are required to attend the workshops listed below, for more details please visit our website. Registration is limited to selected teams only. Watch your email inbox for additional information.

  • 19 tips to win the McGill Dobson Cup: “What it takes to win the McGill Dobson Cup (19 tips)”
  • January 27th, 2020 – McGill Dobson Cup Workshop #1: How to pitch your startup
  • February 3rd, 2020 – McGill Dobson Cup Workshop #2: Accounting 101
  • February 5th, 2020 – McGill Dobson Cup Workshop #3: Startup financials & how to raise money
  • February 18th, 2020 – McGill Dobson Cup Workshop #4: Marketing 101
  • March 4th, 2020 – McGill Dobson Cup Workshop #5: Startup Legals
  • March 11th, 2020 – McGill Dobson Cup Workshop #6: Understanding your market


Health Sciences Track 

  1. Balloon – Balloon Bio. is a McGill student-founded biotechnology company that specializes in the design and development of single domain antibody (or nanobody) products.
  2. Blueband – BluBand is a smart reader for diabetic patients capable of transmitting glucose readings through cellular signals so patients can continuously monitor and maintain blood sugar levels within the optimal range.
  3. doc – Private, secure and centralized digital healthcare platform for the consented sharing and storage of medical information between patients and healthcare providers.
  4. Gray Oncology Solutions Inc – Gray is a software suite that optimizes the usage of an oncology clinic’s resources. Gray will interface with existing healthcare technologies to account for multi-disciplinary workflows thus reducing patient wait times, increasing patient throughput and ultimately improving patient care.
  5. GynAware – GynAware aims to improve the quality of life for women with uterine fibroids by offering an integrated and cost-effective biopsy solution, enabling gynaecologists to streamline decisions based on a pre-surgical diagnosis and reducing patients’ anxiety.
  6. GyroClear – GyroClear is a biomedical company aiming to set a new standard for minimally invasive intra-abdominal and thoracic surgery with our protective sleeve that maintains a clear camera lens throughout procedures.
  7. Hibho: We are a health informatics company run by researchers. We aim to provide a home-based data hub to smooth the health monitoring of chronic diseases.
  8. Intuitive Ultrasound (IU) – Intuitive Ultrasound (IU) is a medical technology company focused on the design and commercialization of innovative medical products. Our first product uses augmented reality and machine learning to provide a user friendly, wireless, and portable ultrasound.
  9. MinutesToMRSA – Our mission is to provide high-quality diagnostic equipment to North American hospitals for the rapid, inexpensive, and high-throughput screening of MRSA in admitted patients.
  10. NURA MEDICAL – A multidisciplinary startup with the mission of improving patient care and clinical efficiency by revolutionizing the way bolus IV medication is prepared and administered in hospitals across the world.
  11. NuReDCo – NuReDCo is a drug design and development company; specialized in small molecules synthesis, in-silico drug design, in-vitro & in vivo pre-clinical drug development; and active in fields of cancer and immune system related diseases.
  12. OpAI Innovations – OpAI Innovations assists medical practitioners in providing the best possible outcomes for patients undergoing breast surgeries through the use of an intraoperative imaging tool to assess breast symmetry.
  13. Oral-i – Save life with cellphones! An artificial intelligence-based application to diagnose oral cancer using cellphone images.
  14. Peri-Op Tech – While our company is primarily focused on delivering a product as opposed to solving an environmental or societal concern, our proposed product was drafted with the goal of drastically improving patient health, witch we believe is an equally significant endeavour.
  15. Physio Biometrics Inc. – Dedicated to the development of practical and accessible innovations for people with movement and posture vulnerabilities that can be marketed directly to those at risk and those who treat them
  16. PLAKK – PLAKK will revolutionize the characterization of atherosclerotic plaques to improve the prediction, treatment, and ultimately the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.
  17. Precare – Precare is an innovative platform providing up-to-date evidence-based information through animated medical and surgical guides, accessible in 20 languages for free. Precare increases information-retention through audiovisuals, reducing dependency on printed-media.
  18. PrimeAID: We aim to make a social impact in the medical industry by helping patients and institutions; transforming their medical experience to be a more convenient, transparent and streamlined experience.
  19. QuHeartz – The multidisciplinary team at QuHeartz is committed to providing innovative, needs-based solutions to the fields of cardiology and geriatric medicine, focused on improving patient care and healthcare workflow.
  20. ReliefAI – ReliefAI is a mental health monitoring, diagnosis, and control platform designed to monitor symptoms of childhood disorders with the highest technology to diagnose child mental disorder using Artificial Intelligence.
  21. Respite – Respite is a wearable device that monitors signs of physical and emotional distress in minimally-communicative individuals with dementia, providing live updates to their caregivers.
  22. Starlight Industries – V.I.B.E. – “Vibrational Input Brain Equalizer. A device that will change the method of rehabilitation, lifestyle of wellbeing and method of self-development in the private and public sectors”
  23. SymSolve – SymSolve is a team of 3 graduates using a multidisciplinary approach, with members from business, engineering and medicine, to ensure that our innovation solves a real medical need, is technically feasible and has a sustainable business model. Our goal is to find a way to ensure breast symmetry during reconstruction for breast cancer patient to increase the operation satisfaction.
  24. The STAMP Device – The STAMP is a necessary tool in rehabilitation globally for its ability to non-invasively characterize the abdominal compartment for improved and targeted treatment plans addressing a host of related complications.
  25. Thirrd Place – A platform that aims to fill a psychological need for affiliation and belonging. We promote meaningful human interactions, by facilitating like-minded people to meet offline in a micro group format.
  26. Your Kid Your OT – Your Kid Your OT is an Occupational Therapy clinic providing services to children with disabilities and their families. We aim to provide a knowledgeable environment to train OTs in pediatrics.

Social Enterprise Track 

  1. BikeAndBlend – Using blender bicycles, BikeAndBlend provides health-conscious consumers and fitness enthusiasts with instantly prepared smoothies as healthy alternatives to sugar-sweetened beverages, thus promoting healthy nutrition, sustainable wellbeing and environmental sustainability.
  2. BioFem – Our social enterprise is aimed at addressing the problem of organic waste management and disposal in Cameroon by using the waste to produce compost and biogas.
  3. CCMAT – This is a social enterprise dedicated to providing innovative care for young Canadians with complex mental health and trauma. Our philosophy is one of family engagement and integrated team-based care.
  4. CHUGSIE – CHUGSIE is a reusable coffee cup platform which offers an eco-friendly and convenient alternative to single-use paper cups.
  5. Global Custodians Academy – Global Custodians Academy (GCA) is a private school that trains its pupils in leadership, ethical behavior, basic computing skills and mastery of the academic syllabus from Ghana Education Services.
  6. GreenAhoto – GreenAhoto, a waste use, and reuse platform use an app that operates in the collection of waste materials where potential buyers can search for availability of waste on the App.
  7. Indigirecruit – Indigirecruit, an Indigenous student enterprise helps Indigenous community members be college application ready. Low Indigenous enrolment countered by timely and complete school applications will change the face of Indigenous education.
  8. InoGen – InoGen is a Social Enterprise that resolves the gender disparity in science subjects among Ugandan high schools by creating practical workshops and mentorship programs for girls.
  9. Mariposa & Co. – Mariposa & Co. assists the growth of individuals by implementing the desire for self-fashioning and self-development which commands the notion of human reason. We connect individuals from various backgrounds to evolve their talents.
  10. MyFoodPrint – MyFoodprint is an API that allows foodservice businesses to calculate the carbon footprint of their meals to enable smart decision making in and out of the kitchen.
  11. NIA – AI-powered personal banking and financial management assistant, accessible through mobile banking and payment apps, empowering users to acquire relevant financial knowledge, informative financial reports and make queries about their accounts.
  12. Piriko – Piriko is a platform that enables students to better interact with their university campus. It is a one-stop solution to discover campus activities and meet likeminded individuals.
  13. SWIFT ENERGY – We aim to be at the forefront of the energy revolution. SWIFT-ENERGY’s guiding principle is to expand decentralized energy, and increase access to it, through: highest return on investment over the lifecycle of the project, unrivalled global reach in our sector and localized capabilities.

Small Medium Enterprise Track

  1. Brainshield: BrainShield provides parental control software that focuses on mental health impacts of screen usage in children and uses AI to deliver harm reduction strategies.
  2. BYLOCL: BYLOCL is a Social Media-based Cross-border E-commerce Platform; With the help of BYLOCL’s personal shoppers, money-smart fashionistas can conveniently get European fashion at a local price.
  3. Close & Co: Close & Co is a discount program for realtors, offering them deals on closing gifts from high-quality brands in exchange for a membership fee.
  4. EvoWoman – EvoWoman is an innovative sustainable clothing brand that allows women to rent clothes at affordable prices, customize shopping experience and recycle to repurpose old clothes.
  5. Glee Factor – As a consulting and experience design firm focusing on engagement, team dynamics, and innovation, we help change team behaviors in how they think and implement new ideas by creating safe spaces through play!
  6. Hypnosand – Hypnosand is a luxury brand that combines art, design and technology by creating unique, customizable and high-quality tables.
  7. IDeal – IDeal empowers everyone to share their gaming ideas and helps people to build their dream games.
  8. Interius Farms – Offering a solution to stabilize volatile Canadian produce prices and make the Canadian food system more sustainable, Interius Farms uses novel vertical farming techniques to grow on-site with clients year-round.
  9. Javliq – Javliq helps freelance classical musicians thrive in their performing careers by providing guidance and curated online resources for career planning, touring, promoting their own shows, and growing their network.
  10. Jobba – Jobba enables students to strengthen their working experiences through meaningful business projects, while companies benefit from an easier way to recruit talent in the short-term.
  11. Joyn – Joyn is a mobile app that streamlines sports organization by finding overlapping availability amongst sports players, then shows you nearby locations with the same availability, that can be booked straight from the app.
  12. juicebox – Smartphone power on-the-go. Helping you stay connected, juicebox offers a network of portable power banks. Simply (1) find a juicebox station near you, (2) scan a QR code, (3) juice-up.
  13. Kuapa Solar – Kuapa Solar Enterprise is a Ghanaian based social enterprise launched to enable smallholder farmers in Ghana to have access to solar powered irrigation pumps through Pay-As-You Grow Business Model.
  14. Libravos – Libravos is a non-profit, community-oriented, home insurance company for developing countries. By operating fully autonomously, users can pool their money without paying for the additional operating costs of the company.
  15. Mache – Mache is a catering logistics company that provides restaurants with the tools they need to deliver successful catering orders, while providing clients with a unique food offer.
  16. Marla – Marla is a gamified online ordering application for plant-based food that rewards your choices based on impact. This is a platform for picking up ready-to-eat meals from supermarkets near you.
  17. Napier Tutoring: Innovative test preparation system for Scotland’s standardized exams. Designed to bridge the performance gap between publicly and privately educated Scottish high school students, giving every pupil a tailor-fit education.
  18. NEAT – NEAT is a workflow management platform that uses visualization to retain and reuse data over time, during onboarding, and between teams.
  19. Northern Nutrition: Northern Nutrition is focused on creating nutritional bars that combine with forces of nutrition and cannabis to help improve the quality of life of cancer patients being treated with chemotherapy.
  20. Novagrow – Novagrow designs and manufactures automated indoor gardens that allow the user to grow effortlessly a wide variety of vegetable superfoods all year round, in the comfort of its kitchen.
  21. nufuuds – nufuuds creates delicious, plant-based foods made with the world’s oldest and smallest superfood, algae.
  22. NutriPulse – NutriPulse is on a mission to provide plant-based functional foods for the diabetic populace of Ghana. Using innovative fermentation, we convert spent grains of soybean into functional flours and snacks.
  23. One Step Direct – One Step Direct is an online birth-control consultation, prescription, and delivery service built by a women for women, offering the first hassle-free prescription experience in Canada.
  24. Panko: Giving resto-preneurs the tools they need to launch, manage and scale their ghost kitchen brands.
  25. Ramble: Ramble is an experience-based mobile application. The Ramble ecosystem allows users to instantly discover experiences and offers creators a turn-key solution for event creation.
  26. Success Academy – Success Academy has made it its lifelong mission to help students get accepted in their dream career. Our program, CareerAccess, is unique in Quebec, and it will put all odds in your favor for that long-awaited “yes”!
  27. UniEC Group – We provide integrated solutions, including website builder, online booking, scheduling and payment within minutes to small scale services providers in beauty industry.
  28. Vert-ité – Canadians demand great quality food, and we want to provide it in an environmentally conscientious way. Our tech-enabled urban farms cultivate local, pesticide-free strawberries all year long.

Innovation Driven Enterprise Track 

  1. affluencial – affluencial is democratizing state-of-the-art proactive financial advisory with a fully automated solution offering active investment, financial planning, and risk management strategies.
  2. AIM Colors – Our company is focused on creating real-time colour changing eNails. These eNails will not require the use of chemical solvents for colour change, limiting their usage. In addition, given that the product can undergo several colour transitions, the use of individually packed colours will become futile.
  3. Élite Neurokinetix – Elite NeuroKinetix prides itself on its commitment to using scientific methods and a data-driven approach as a vehicle to enhance football coaching practices and promote safety through better athletic performance.
  4. Exploriti – Exploriti is an app designed to enhance student life; specifically targeting extra curricular and social activities. It is a digital community hub for university students participating in campus clubs, teams, and organizations of all kinds.
  5. Field AI – Field AI is a data vendor and labeling service for AI startups. We help AI startups acquire non-public data and perform domain-specific labeling needed to train models and build software.
  6. GreenKeepers – We generate sustainable “green” straws and alternatives to single-use plastics to promote an eco-future for earth’s living creatures.
  7. Hydrolux – Hydrolux is a green hydrogen production company distributing to warehouses looking to transition towards fuel cell powered forklifts that will save them money, increase productivity and have a smaller impact on the planet.
  8. Les Textiles Kinoko – Les Textiles Kinoko Inc. is developing SYMTEX, a cruelty and plastic-free textile, with leather-like durability, feel and finish for the garment, accessories and upholstery manufacturers.
  9. LockBox – The LockBox is a technology for research facilities and enables new ways to study materials by recording their motion in real-time.
  10. Lunavoy – Lunavoy Inc. is disrupting the tourism space with its artificial intelligence powered online marketplace that connects SME providers of tourist experiences / activities with travelers and travelers among themselves.
  11. Malyus – Using a suite of automated tools, Maylus enables listening accessories to create personalized hearing experiences.
  12. Mixonset – Mixonset is a personal DJ app that lets you create seamless music mixes from your Spotify playlist with just one tap.
  13. MustBUS – A technology-based Transportation Network Company, offering ultra-low-cost and frequent bus service connecting provinces, cities and towns with a highly scalable and low-risk, no-capital-investment, fully-online business model.
  14. Mygnesium Technologies – Mygnesium Technologies aims to expand the application of novel ultra-lightweight magnesium (ULMg) alloys in applications where weight reduction is critical by developing eco-friendly and affordable alloys with superior properties.
  15. Neophyto Foods – Fixing the food industry using plants and science. We create delicious plant-based alternatives that mimic the taste and texture of animal-based products so you don’t have to compromise. We’re reinventing the food that you eat.
  16. Netcash Analytics – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning company focused on providing tools and business insights to banks, SMEs, consulting and insurance companies for the successful implementation of supply chain finance strategies, risk model improvement or design of new products for SMEs.
  17. Off the Grid – Off The Grid specializes in cardio training equipment combined with a web application that turns energy into electricity. The generated electricity is then redistributed directly into the grid.
  18. PanArt Productions – PanArt Productions uses the scenario, aesthetic and genre of short films to create entertaining and impactful video advertisements for socially responsible companies. Our creations help companies grow through social media.
  19. Placify – Placify is a platform that helps landlords invest, rent and manage their properties. It’s a one-stop-shop solution that ensures that landlords spend less time and generate more revenues with their rentals.
  20. RailVision Analytics – RailVision Analytics specializes in advanced analytics and AI for the passenger rail industry, primarily for the purpose of reducing fuel consumption, preventing equipment failure, and increasing locomotive performance.
  21. Renatecs – We at RENATECS aim to provide a cost effective solution for fast and accurate detection of contaminants in raw material in food, pharma, cosmetics and natural health products industries.
  22. Storylo – Storylo is a tech-driven marketplace that revolutionizes how Brands connect with Photographers, making Commercial Photography more accessible in a world where the demand for visual content has never been stronger.
  23. – is a data marketplace allowing to search, buy, sell and download datasets aimed for machine learning and big data purposes.
  24. Tempo – Tempo is a website/application that connects music enthusiasts with qualified music teachers, and, after each lesson, earns both sides of this network free or discounted tickets to local shows.
  25. Tote – Tote is a mobile fashion marketplace that seeks to ease and personalize the shopping experience through machine learning.
  26. TRAQC – TRAQC uses laser technology non-destructive and in-situ quality control of printed electronics fabrication. By evaluating the response of quality control patterns, our laser sensors remove the need for labor-intensive quality checks and costly manufacturing down time.
  27. UrbMont Farms – UrbMont Farms is a local fruits and vegetables growing company. Its goal is to grow local, environmentally-friendly and affordable fruits and vegetables using highly automated hydroponics vertical farms.
  28. VOISS Academy – VOISS Academy is creating voice assistant software to help teachers and students initiate e-learning with focuses on conversational/contextual learning by the AI-powered storytelling and compassionate system.
  29. 7square – 7Square is a platform that finds undervalued real estate properties primed for high growth.


Many thanks to the National Bank for their continued support of the McGill Dobson Cup and the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship.

The McGill Dobson Cup powered by National Bank and hosted by the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship
Jihane El Atifi

Jihane El Atifi

Jihane El Atifi is a Program Manager at the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship.