Dax Dasilva: Origins of the Unseparator (Lightspeed, NeverApart)

The definitive origin story of the founder who bootstrapped a company to a $3B+ market cap

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Description: This is the full story of how Dax Dasilva got to where he is now. He’s the CEO of Lightspeed, which IPO’d in March & sits at a $3B+ market cap. He also founded NeverApart, a nonprofit cultural centre that aims to unite people through art. This episode explores all the untold stories you don’t hear about in other interviews – it’s not about the business, it’s about the human behind it and his philosophy.

His new book Age of Union is on Amazon, or any bookstore.

  • [2:00 – 4:30] The turning point that inspired his thinking on technology and art.
  • [4:30 – 8:35] How the theme of Nature made its way into Dax’s life, back in Vancouver.
  • [8:35 – 11:03] Why Dax switched from computer science into art history and religion.
  • [11:03 – 13:52] Building a diversity-first culture into Lightspeed during its founding
  • [13:52 – 15:37] His phone calls with his father
  • [15:37 – 18:30] How he and his father have been able to build and maintain a strong relationship
  • [18:30 – 22:40] Burning out and founding NeverApart, including his first conversations with the directors he would recruit
  • [22:40 – 26:05] How NeverApart dealt with a malicious reporter writing a misleading but outrage-inducing headline
  • [26:05 – 28:00] Why we need more people to lead change and how his book Age of Union can help you do that

Mo Akif

Mo Akif

The Editor-in-Chief of the McGill Dobson Chronicles. Never having started a lemonade stand as a child and tired of reading blog posts about entrepreneurship without actually doing anything, he was on the verge of giving up and joining a pyramid scheme. Luckily the McGill Dobson Centre decided to adopt him, allowing him to get a closer look at what it takes to build something valuable.