Tabulit (MTL-based Art Collective) launches Kickstarter for 2nd Anthology

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Tabulit, the Montreal based digital publisher and art collective, has launched its second print anthology project.

November last year, Tabulit launched its first print anthology project based on the theme of “cats”. Over 20 artists came together on this special book, including the graphic novel sensation, Tillie Walden. The project was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter, and was released in print April 2018.

Last week, on July 22nd, Tabulit launched its second anthology, Afar. Unlike the more lighter toned theme of its former project, Furr, which was about cats, Tabulit’s artists will be exploring the theme of ‘Distance’ in the new anthology.

“Distance is something that is all around us, especially now that we live in such a mobile world brought together by technology,” said Alex Park, founder of Tabulit. “But how does that physical sense of distance shape the nature of relationships, whether it’s romance, friendship, or family? We tend to believe that we can cover that distance with all sorts of gadgets and apps, but how much do we really think about how being apart from each other affects us? This book intends to explore that in all aspects.”

The anthology also marks Tabulit’s new beginning as an art collective. Until April, Tabulit had branded itself as a digital publishing startup focusing on comics. However, when Alex’s cofounder Ed had left the company, Alex decided for a radical change.

“What do the artists actually want? Forget making money. Why should Tabulit exist and what does it stand for? After much conversation I realized that Tabulit’s value was offering new artists an avenue to jumpstart their careers and curating exciting new art from around the world. So here we are, starting all over again with that in mind.”

Tabulit’s focus as a collective is now to publish anthology volumes that will involve new and incumbent member artists of the collective, with various themes.

Afar’s funding goal is $6500 CAD, same as its first book, Furr. Afar is currently going through its crowdfunding phase on Kickstarter. For more information, visit Afar’s Kickstarter page.


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