Introducing the 2018 McGill X-1 Accelerator Cohort

1. HavenHub

A social enterprise that reimagines primary healthcare to curb the overuse of emergency services by offering home care therapies. (Faculties represented: Desautels)

2. Keenoa

AI-powered app built as a platform to connect dieticians and patients. Patients can simply take a photo of their meal, and Keenoa will identify the nutrients. (Faculties represented: Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)

3. CURA Therapeutics

Developing innovative immunotherapies to cure pancreatic cancer and other solid malignancies with their patented technology and PhD expertise. (Faculties represented: Medicine, Engineering)

4. Kiran

Using cellular agriculture to create completely new meat products (clean meat) to target the issue of feeding the population in 2050. (Faculties represented: Science)

5. Nimbus Tutoring

Education platform that connects students with tutors for in-person, course-specific tutoring lessons at the university level. (Faculties represented: Science, Arts)

6. Canadian Students Nightline Association

National organization focused on implementing local support services for students at night and in-depth training sessions across Canada. It is currently looking at global expansion. (Faculties represented: Arts)


Revolutionizing supply chain management as a unique collaborative Supply Chain Management platform automating informational and transactional flow throughout the external supply chain. (Faculties represented: Engineering)

8. SMS Jobs

Targets the blue collar industry’s hiring process with its unique platform connecting employers and employees to communicate job offers and make appropriate matches. (Faculties represented: Arts)

9. Krypto

Monitors & analyzes blockchain transaction to help financial institutions. (Faculties represented: Desautels, Arts, Science)

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