Another McGill Dobson Cup winner closes a deal on Dragon’s Den!

We know it’s only been a few months since our last Dragon’s Den success story, but we can’t help but brag about our alum when they knock it out of the park.
Entr, winner of the 2018 McGill Dobson Cup (SME track, powered by National Bank) closed a deal on Quebec’s version of Dragon’s Den a few nights ago.


3 things to pay attention to:

-Tailor your pitch to “smart money”: you don’t need to appeal to everyone, focus on getting the support of the right investors whose specific expertise and network will help your company grow. You can see at 5:38, they say “Those were the 2 investors we wanted” – they had a plan going into the pitch of who they wanted to sell.
-At the 3:20 mark, notice how aggressively the investors grill them to figure out why they haven’t optimized their customer acquisition cost vs. life-time value. At the highest levels, your business need to be data-driven.
-At the 7:20-minute mark, note how calmly they make their counter offer – negotiation is a game they’ve gotten comfortable with.
Félicitations Marc-Antoine Bonin au nom de McGill University & la Faculté de Gestion Desautels!
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