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TO: Coders, Marketers, Designers, Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors…


What If Bill Gates and Paul Allen never met? (Founders at Microsoft)


Since the launch of McGill Dobson Match on February 28th 2017, we took part in the creation of 

dozens of startups. Born to reduce the communication gap between startups looking for team members and people looking for such opportunities, we designed a tool based on your feedback and focusing on enlarging your network 

inside McGill. We believe with better exposure to different circles of expertise such as engineering, arts, business, medical or computer science and other, you would be able to add valuable members to your team and keep on improving.


All-time top 5 searched keywords:

  1. Coders
  2. Marketing
  3. Business Strategy
  4. Engineering
  5. Web Design


This week’s top 5:

  1. AI Wizard
  2. Co-founder
  3. Finance
  4. Food
  5. Cryptocurrency

Your Stories  

Some of you wanted to share their story, and we were glad to hear back from you:

Faiz from Brick by Brick,

(Social Enterprise)

I was looking for passionate co-founders with business training or experience who would help me turn the project into a proper start-up. I have a background in community organizing and I was able to get a few colleagues with managerial and communication experience on board, however I knew it was important for us to find someone who was keen on start-ups from a business perspective. At the time, I was being mentored by someone at Dobson and he recommended to look into Dobson Match. I can’t remember if I found Theo or if he responded to our post, it was a long time ago. But we decided to meet on a rainy day way uptown near where Brick by Brick is developing its first project. Within a few minutes it was clear to me that Theo would be the missing founding member I was been looking for. He was positive and committed to the idea of creative power sharing and he through it was a marketable concept. The next day he sent me notes about what would become our digital marketing plan and slowly, over the year he took his place in the startup and helped transform it from a hair-brained scheme into a solid start-up with what is now almost a critical mass of early adopters.

Zike from ArtVenture,

(Small/Medium Enterprise)

My name is Zike Wu, founder of ArtVenture, a startup launched by Asia Pacific Art and Culture Association. We strive to develop a market intelligence tool for art collectors to make informed art investment decisions based on our quantitative financial model for artwork valuation.

Currently we have a high-calibre team of art history and finance students solely focused on further developing the product, but we needed software engineers to build an interactive platform.

ArtVenture was listed on Dobson Match, and through this amazing platform, we were able to connect with several talents and quickly find an outstanding matchie willing to join the team within a week!


Anya and Vivian from Dialysave,


Our startup, Dialysave, would not have progressed as much as is has without the Dobson Match. Dialysave was a new startup when we were seeking another team member, so we didn’t know how to find a student that would be just as motivated to work on our startup as we were. The platform was easy to navigate and — after a few days — several relevant students reached out. This is how we found Shawana, our main engineer who is now a co-founder!



Justin from SelfEmotion Inc.,


We are excited about Dobson Match’s potential as a matchmaker for our startup. Although we haven’t found the right match in terms of skill set for our startup, we have received many applications up to date. We have met with some inspiring students and alumni connected to McGill and it has been a really good experience. As we speak, we’re meeting with two people this week! Thanks for bringing passionate entrepreneurs together, Dobson Match!




On a final note,

TO: Startups who have contributed to McGill’s innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, matchies who have helped through long or short-term involvement and lastly reviewers who provided the necessary feedback for these companies to improve; you are Dobson Match’s success story.

Thank you & keep on hustling,


DM Team.

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