Announcing Teams Competing in the Semi-Finals of the McGill Dobson Cup 2018

We’re excited to announce the McGill startup teams moving on to the Semi-Finals of the McGill Dobson Cup 2018 powered by National Bank. This annual startup competition at McGill University is hosted by the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship.

After an exhaustive and competitive application review process, 84 teams are moving on to the next round of the annual startup competition. The startups listed below will have the opportunity to pitch in front of world-class judges and mentors in the SEMI-FINALS of the McGill Dobson Cup scheduled for February 20-23, 2018.

Teams that make it past the SEMI-FINALS, will be invited to compete in the FINALS of the McGill Dobson Cup 2018 scheduled for March 28, 2018. 

Get your tickets today for the Awards Ceremony on April 5, 2018 of the McGill Dobson Cup 2018 powered by National Bank.

Join us on April 5, 2018 for the Awards Ceremony of the McGill Dobson Cup 2018 where over $100,000 in seed funding will be awarded to the most promising McGill startups across four tracks: Innovation Driven Enterprise, Small & Medium Enterprise, Social Enterprise, and Health Sciences.

On April 5th, not only will we be marking the 10th Edition of the McGill Dobson Cup, we’ll also be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Additional Resources

For teams competing in the SEMI-FINALS of the McGill Dobson Cup 2018, here are some resources to help you prepare for your pitch.

1. We encourage you to use the Entrepreneurship Collaborative Space at the Dobson Centre. The Space is open from 10:00AM to 5:00PM Monday to Friday, located at 3430 Rue McTavish.

2. Mentorship Sessions are available for all teams competing in the McGill Dobson Cup

3. Attend one of the following workshops listed below. All of the events are free to attend, however registration is required as spaces are limited.

– Wednesday, January 31, 2018: How to Pitch Your Startup Workshop

– Wednesday, February 7, 2018: Startup Financials Workshop

– Wednesday, February 14, 2018Market Research Workshop

– February 20-23, 2018: SEMI-FINALS McGILL DOBSON CUP 2018

– Wednesday, February 28, 2018Public Speaking Workshop

– Thursday, March 22, 2018: The Business of Artificial Intelligence

– March 28, 2018: FINALS McGILL DOBSON CUP 2018

– Thursday, April 5, 2018McGill Dobson Cup 2018 Awards Ceremony / McGill X-1 Accelerator 2018 Applications Open 


Health Sciences Track – February 20, 2018

1. CURA Therapeutics: Developing innovative immunotherapies to cure pancreatic cancer and other solid tumors. Our patented technology inserted into viral vectors specific for cancer cells, targets and activates the immune system against cancer.

2. Docplus: A revolution in medical booking. Online Booking. Fast and easy, day and night.

3. e-Rehabilitation Advancement: Harnessing the power of AI and mobile phones to provide more accessible and personalized solutions to patients and physiotherapists.

4. EBHnow: EBHnow is a website that offers easy, instant and free access to evidence-based healthcare information, through a catalogue of nine fully developed applications addressed clinical decisions. EBHnow makes evidence-based healthcare a reality.

5. Foodoc: A C2C telehealth platform that connects Canadian dietitians with clients throughout the world.

6. Golden Water: Nanogold Plasmon Activating Water is a newly invented solvent that can reduce oxidative stress when consumed. It is the future of disease prevention and long-term health maintenance.

7. IntegOR: We are a multidisciplinary team of young professionals with disruptive ideas, aiming to maximize the capacity of the Canadian healthcare system to deliver care through improving efficiency amongst healthcare teams.

8. InVivo AI: InVivo AI is using artificial intelligence to streamline the development of new drugs. Our algorithms will empower pharmaceutical companies to bring therapies to market in less time and for less money than it takes today.

9. LineIQ Inc.: LineIQ aims to eliminate waiting rooms and queues by allowing customers to check-in remotely on their phones, monitor their place and be notified when their turn is near.

10. MedReqs: MedReqs serves as a secure online platform where medical professionals and patients can interact to make the treatment process more effective using advanced and accessible chip and scanner technology.

11. Monitrix: Monitrix is a simple solution helping hospitals to better monitor patient satisfaction and to quickly identify areas of improvement. Patient-satisfaction data collection, management and analysis are automated and personalized.

12. OstoMentor: OstoMentor is an all-in-one, personalized educational software designed to simplify the transition process for patients living with new stomas, to reduce medical complication rates, and to and improve patient satisfaction.

13. PHIRE: At PHIRE we are developing an application that empowers people to manage their medication through automated scheduling, drug alerts and real-time feedback, thereby reducing the risk of adverse drug events.

14. ProTech: ProTech serves to protect the well-being and autonomy of Canada‚Äôs aging population. The ProTech watch strives to put seniors back into the centre of their medical and social support network.

15. VitalTracer Ltd.: We are in the business of mobile health, personalized medicine and Home-care Health. We aim to create a convenient platform for those who have a need to track their vital signs.


Social Enterprise Track – February 21, 2018

1. Abil Design Inc.: Abil Design is a technology company that builds inclusive digital experiences. We strive to build platforms that serve the full range of human diversity with respect to ability and age.

2. ArtMatch: ArtMatch is bridging the gap between the owners of commercial spaces and local artists unable to afford gallery fees by providing them with a mobile platform to find each other with a few simple taps.

3. Brique par brique: Brick by Brick is a social enterprise whose mission is to create affordable and dynamic living spaces for marginalized people. Brick by Brick achieves this ambitious objective by providing more privileged members our communities with secure and competitive investment products that transfer capital from those that have to those that don’t.

4. Canadian Students’ Nightline Association: A non-profit organization focused on helping make Canadian universities a better, happier place through mental health support services. We do this by offering help to students at night through a phone line. This is ensured by training quality volunteers in active listening skills and more.

5. Didomi: A crowdfunding platform, linking donors in the developed world to individual and community led projects in the developing world.

6. Fondation EsengO: Fondation EsengO is an international not-for-profit corporation headquartered in Montreal; it focuses on improving family and professional relational health through teaching its 9 Essential Life Habits to cultivate joy.

7. GetLit: GetLit device is a hardware, which enables people to access education anywhere at anytime. We empower our users by giving them the opportunity to access and be educated.

8. HappyDel: HappyDel is a non-profit social enterprise that leverages the current high mobile and internet penetration in Africa to offer free active listening services and create awareness on mental health.

9. Harvest for Health: Harvest for Health is a green enterprise working with a global-social responsibility to bring the humanity to zero Hidden Hunger, through implementing a particular Socio-Ecological Food Fortification Model.

10. Haven Hub: Haven Hub aims to radically improve health outcomes of physically, emotionally, and socially vulnerable populations by widely distributing integrative medicine and personalized health services.

11. Here!: Here! is an internet platform where users can give and receive second hand items to prevent them from going to waste and purchasing new ones.

12. HomeRoom by SelfEmotion Inc.: HomeRoom is an online crowdsourcing platform for teachers and parents to share local mental health resources and collectively construct a safe space for their children.

13. HumaNuts (formerly Cajou): Our vision is to be the largest premium cashew processor and trader in Ivory Coast and to provide sustainable and attractive income opportunities to local farmers and their families.

14. Intensive Care Unit Bridge Program: We help the therapeutic alliance develop between hospital staff, patients, and their families in the Intensive Care Unit through university students that volunteer and shadow weekly within the unit.

15. JoatU: JoatU is an online marketplace that rewards community projects, promotes altruism, and helps build local communities.

16. Lambar-Qabso: Lambar-Qabso service is an online doctor’s booking appointment mobile app and website. Our service will make online booking for clinic appointments possible for the first time in Somalia.

17. Opportutoring: Opportutoring provides refugees with free one-to-one online English tutoring to open up their opportunities in their country of relocation.

18. Phoenix Furniture Regeneration: Sustainability driven company that works to reclaim waste furniture, recycle them and make them available at affordable price to the student community and for temporary needs.

19. Simple Manic Phase Monitoring: Simple Manic Phase Monitoring works to tackle the logistical, financial and systematic barriers preventing low-income patients with Bipolar Disorder from receiving medical intervention by providing low-cost automated symptom monitoring.

20. SnackTOP: SnackTOP aims to reduce food waste by using aesthetically un-appealing produce to create natural, innovative fruit and vegetable snacks that help consumers to STOP wasting food.

21. Verde Hub: A communal hub that promotes, educates, and empowers sustainability through food, events, art, and collaboration for students and young professionals.

22. Viveau: Enabling access to higher quality drinking water: Viveau is an initiative aimed to improve the life and health of unprivileged populations lacking access to clean and safe drinking water.

23. Wiyaka Beauty: Wiyaka Beauty is a social enterprise transforming personal care products created by Indigenous workers into natural cosmetics that provide customers with cultural, spiritual and social connections to the Indigenous community.


Small Medium Enterprise Track – February 22, 2018

1. ArtVenture: ArtVenture is the first bespoke art market analytic tool that help collectors to make well-informed art investment decisions, bringing real-time auction information, data analytics, market research in one integrated platform.

2. Branch: Branch is a software startup seeking to increase productivity and employee satisfaction in the workplace. It wants to change the way people work.

3. BreakBuddy: Since thousands of students all have different school schedules, they all have different breaks. BreakBuddy is a FREE application that provides “All your friends’ breaks. All in one place.

4. Bright Media Advertising: We are a small startup focused on outdoor mobile digital advertising. We advertise through the use of digital tops mounted on the roofs of taxies that gravitate to areas with high densities of pedestrians and commuters in order to generate large numbers of impressions.

5. CAPTR: No more tedious Google-searches or “shot-in-the-dark” Facebook requests. CAPTR makes booking a photographer easy.

6. Chef-Mate: Chef-Mate is a mobile application that uses optimization methodologies to help users manage groceries more efficiently. It recommends dishes and provide cooking instructions based on historical grocery receipts and user preference.

7. DogR: An all in one mobile application that seeks to help dog owners having enough information and make them save their time while helping dogs enjoying more the dog park.

8. Entr: Discover unique spaces and book everything you need to host the perfect event.

9. JobSlide: An innovative way to apply to jobs and look for employees? A way to market yourself professionally? A platform developed by students, for students? Think LinkedIn meets Tinder, think JobSlide!

10. JPondE: JpondE is a food company that produces, processes and delivers African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) products mainly for African Cuisine in Canada. These catfish products are delivered fresh, smoked and dried, or mashed.

11. NightLoop: NightLoop is a crowdsourced news network of nightlife events in real-time, all through the eyes of students.

12. Nimbus Tutoring Inc.: Nimbus Tutoring Inc. is a mobile peer-to-peer tutoring platform that strives to promote education by connecting students to passionate tutors for in-person tutoring lessons.

13. Racine Creations 3D: At Racine Creations 3D, our mission is to enable teams to create through additive manufacturing by providing them with the quality tools and services they need.

14. reMIXed: reMIXed transforms the concept of traditional trail mixes by introducing dehydrated beans and re-purposed fruit, providing an affordable alternative that combats food waste.

15. Shohm: Shohm connects students with landlords through a platform that provides transparency. We then facilitate every step of a landlord-tenant relationship from communication to lease signing to payment.

16. SitFitt: We are the first co-working space completely designed around health and wellness.

17. SlideIn: A simple and easy-to-use online platform to outsource the mundane part of a projects presentation.

18. Stellar Talent Acquisition Group (STAG): Specializing in the recruitment and hiring of highly trained PhD students for the non-academic world.

19. Stiila: Stiila is a platform dedicated to creating community connections and promoting locals to local communities.

20. Toro Matcha Inc.: Toro Matcha is Canada’s ready-to-drink Matcha. Made with organic Japanese matcha green tea, it is an innovative option for those who want to fuel their life with healthy energy.

21. TranscendFinals Inc.: TranscendFinals Inc. is a crash course tutoring company made by students for students. The company was built with the purpose of improving the learning experience of university and college students.

22. Ugly Harvest: Comprising primarily “ugly” vegetables, pulses, and grains, Bagelution by Ugly Harvest is a vegan and gluten-free wholesome meal that is not only satisfying, but is also an on-trend initiative for limiting food waste.

23. Where2Find: Can’t find which store is selling Paprika Powder? Search for what you are looking for in the app and get results for the best and cheapest products in a store near you.


Innovation Driven Enterprise Track – February 23, 2018

1. Aventa: For political campaigns, Aventa uses AI to predict political preferences and voting behaviour, and provide messaging and strategy that increases turnout for our client at the ballot box.

2. Avro AR: Avro AR helps maintenance and field service representatives increase their efficiency by providing them with hands-free state-of-the-art industrial augmented reality software, connecting them to company databases and remote support experts like never before.

3. Axiom: Our mission is to provide everyone with an official secure digital identity.

4. BlueCiTech: BlueCiTech has developed a smart city platform to collect real-time data on the city’s environment, infrastructure, and activity to provide solutions that will improve quality of life.

5. Calvin Payments: Calvin Payments radically reduces the wait time in restaurants by simplifying the payment process to the benefit of both consumers and establishments using computer vision.

6. DisruptEd Enterprises: DisruptEd Enterprises is the easiest way to master your courses and increase your academic performance by enhancing engagement in the classroom, optimizing access to information and improving communication between students & professors.

7. Fifty50 Casino: Unlike other online casino-type games that offer traditional and seemingly repetitive casino games, Fifty50 Casino offers both traditional and new forms of entertainment, all customized to give players even odds of winning virtual coins against the house.

8. FYT: FYT is an Artificial Intelligence powered personal trainer housed on a smartphone application that provides customized workouts based on user’s individual needs.

9. Haply Robotics: Haply Robotics is a simulation company that is integrating the sensation of touch into our electronic devices. Their goal is to bring high-end simulation tools to the classroom.

10. Inti Aerospace: At Inti Aerospace, we deliver a vertical solution for large scale agricultural surveying, that encompasses long-range drones, big data processing and cloud-based analytics.

11. KiBi: Bracelet integrating all the functions of the wallet and backed by a highly secure mobile app, allowing the user to personalize his usage of the different elements available to him.

12. Lotus: Lotus Water Technologies aims to create a sustainable water future providing affordable water made from thin air using solar energy.

13. MinuteBox Inc.: MinuteBox is an end-to-end cloud-based corporate minute book management service for law firms and their clients, combining physical minute book scanning, artificial intelligence based parsing, document automation and government filing.

14. Ori Technology: Ori Technology endeavours to maintain the protective capabilities of football helmets by signalling when a helmet’s air pockets have deflated to a level no longer optimal for head protection.

15. Quokka: Quokka is an employee recognition and rewards platform tackling high staff turnover, low motivation at job in business by offering perks, recognition badges, loyalty programme, milestones challenges embedded in blockchain-based network.

16. Spinyt Technologies Inc.: Spinyt allows restaurant owners to create flash deals to attract students to their restaurant taking advantage of the economics of supply and demand in real-time.

17. SWTCH: SWTCH is committed to improving electric vehicle (EV) charging accessibility in urban multi-tenant settings. Our AI-powered EV charging management platform optimizes charging accessibility through machine-learning-based enforcement, scheduling, and energy management.

18. Thinkwire: Thinkwire is a thought leadership discussion platform. Thinkwire allows brands to run text-based roundtables and interviews via LinkedIn. Thinkwire hosts these discussions in a white-label micro-site so brands can build content and community, year-round.

19. TravelBudd: TravelBudd is a social networking app that matches culturally similar long-term travellers and gives privileged access to local tips to provide easy settlement and a feeling at home in a foreign land.

20. UltraSense: UltraSense aims to improve water quality monitoring systems with low-cost, high-precision sensors realized with integrated graphene technology.

21. Volt: A company made up from the sheer curiosity of young minds who have not been influenced by the harsh realistic realities of this world – Attempting to create energy in revolutionary ways.

22. Zillow: Zillow is a technology start-up based in Montreal that makes affordable smart pillows which prevent one from snoring. Zillow will help you and your love one gets quality sleep.

Renjie Butalid

Renjie Butalid

Renjie Butalid is the Associate Director of the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship and has raised $7M+ to power university entrepreneurship.