2 resources and 11 Tips on Winning the McGill Dobson Cup

Note that the deadline to apply for the McGill Dobson Cup is 11:59PM EST Wednesday, January 17, 2018 – apply here!

As the 2018 McGill Dobson Cup approaches, we thought we’d share some tips from the January 10th event we held on “How to Win The McGill Dobson Cup”, and some extra resources. Here they are!

Resource 1: Pitch advice from Google Developers’ Youtube Channel

Resource 2: Guy Kawasaki’s presentation template for your 5-minute pitch

The Only 10 Slides You Need in a Pitch

11 tips on Winning The McGill Dobson Cup

1. Assemble an All-Star team

Product is important, but ultimately you need to have the people who have the specialized skills necessary to build that product.

2. Know what you’re being judged on

Judges will look at the feasibility, growth potential and innovation, as presented by the teams. Specifically for the Social Enterprise Track, social impact will be assessed.

3. Make progress between the Semi-Finals and the Finals

If you can show that you’re actively working on your business and that you’ve taken feedback and used it to learn, you’re that much better off when you’re presenting to the judges in the Finals.

4. Show that you are all in

When you’re speaking during the pitch or the Q&A, find a way to demonstrate that you are obsessed with your vision and that you are dedicated to seeing this through.

5. Tell a story

Judges will hear up to 10 pitches a day, so using emotional stories to differentiate your pitch will make their job easier and make your company more memorable.

6. Show your prototype

Bring samples, frameworks, products, or some kind of tangible Minimum Viable Product. You know how it’s said that a picture is worth 1000 words? Well a prototype is said to be worth 1000 meetings – bring one!

7. Talk about early traction

Even a few thousand dollars of revenue or letters of intent are useful. Judges are constantly judging whether or not you’re solving a problem. And the best way to do that, is by showing that people want and are using, what you’re building.

8. Make the most of it by keeping an open mind

Talk to the other teams and ask the judges questions! This competition is meant to embody experiential learning and provides students with invaluable feedback, mentorship and networking opportunities.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Recall that you have 20 minutes in total: 5 to pitch, and 15 for Q&A. The Q&A is TWO-SIDED! You can ask for specific advice, or even introductions. And bring a small notepad to take notes – it’s practically useful and signals your dedication.

10. Use the competition as a FIRST STEP

Don’t get too attached to winning – ultimately, entrepreneurship is a marathon not a sprint. The most valuable things in the competition are the lessons learnt, the feedback you get, the people you meet, and the confidence you build. Focus on those!

11. Don’t be on time, be early

If you’re even a few minutes late, we will have whichever team is ready take your place. Our competition is scheduled in multiple locations at precise times – we don’t have the capacity to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Deadline to apply for the McGill Dobson Cup: 11:59PM EST Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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