McGill Lean Startup Program 2017 Final Pitches

The McGill Lean Startup Program is a 10-week hands-on program that immerses early-stage McGill startup teams by having them test their business ideas and hypotheses outside the classroom. Inside the classroom, we deliberately trade off lecture time for students/teaching team interaction.

Since the end of September, 8 early-stage McGill teams have been going through the build-measure-learn customer development process and have been working on their pitches in preparation for this event.

On December 4, come join the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship and the McGill Lean Startup Program as these 8 early-stage startups pitch their companies for the first time in public. This event also celebrates the end of the McGill Lean Startup Program 2017.

Come hear our teams pitch their innovative and disruptive solutions to real-world problems. From medtech to agritech, there’s something for everyone!

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1. Composite Marker – Composite Marker stains white fillings but not the surrounding tooth, allowing dentists to replace and repair fillings more efficiently and safely.

2. Cura Therapeutics – Cura Therapeutics is developing a cure for pancreatic cancer with their novel immunotherapy technology.

3. DomeAge – DomeAge provides a kit that allows people worldwide to construct a personalized geodesic dome, effortlessly.

4. EBHnow – EBHnow is the hub of evidence-based healthcare data. We provide updated solutions for dental inquiries.

5. Informed Experiments – With our AI algorithms, we distill the complexity of gene networks to accelerate cancer research.

6. Inti Aeropsace – Inti Aerospace’s solar-powered platform helps farmers maximise crop yields by providing precise crop imagery at an unprecedented rate.

7. InVivo AI – InVivo AI is your clinical trial crystal ball, using the power of machine learning to predict failure through all phases of drug development.

8. PHIRE – Manage your medications for a safer, healthier family.

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Renjie Butalid

Renjie Butalid

Renjie Butalid is the Associate Director of the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship and has raised $7M+ to power university entrepreneurship.