PODCAST: The next generation of entrepreneurs with our Associate Director, Renjie Butalid

Have you ever wondered how Renjie got to be the Associate Director at the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship? Here’s your chance to find out!

He recently appeared on the Point of No Return Podcast, to talk about the next generation of entrepreneurs as well as his own journey…

and it all begins at the University of Waterloo, where his former roommate Ilya Grigorik sold a company to Google.

Tune in below, or look for Point of No Return on your favorite podcast app.

Here’s a little context from Renjie:


I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nectarios Economakis, host of the Point of No Return podcast to talk about the work we’re doing to build the next generation of entrepreneurs at the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship and McGill University.

In the interview, we dove into my own personal journey of entrepreneurship, beginning at the University of Waterloo where my introduction was in the form of my friend and former roommate Ilya Grigorik, building and selling PostRank (Google) to Google from the ground up over ten years ago, to moving to Montreal just over two years ago and connecting with individuals like Rami Sayar and Noah Redler in the local tech ecosystem prior to ending up at McGill.

While AI and Machine Learning are red hot in Montreal right now, what I am most excited for is the future of MedTech. Two companies I’ve been working closely with for the past year have been Saccade Analytics and 2D-CrystaLab, founded by teams of professors, postdocs and graduate students at McGill that have the potential to disrupt the healthcare industry. Watch them pitch on stage in Montreal, Boston, San Francisco, Toronto and NYC this next month.

Shownotes here: http://thepnr.com/bringing-next-generation-entrepreneurs-r…/

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