What are your business’ 3 fundamental values?

We all have values, and it’s better to establish yours right from the launch of your start-up in order to stand out.

You have your hands full with the development of your business. On top of that, you’re asking yourself questions about your mission and your core values. Great! Choosing three fundamental values for your business right from the start is a key to success!

“Values are a defining characteristic of businesses, whether, for their products, services, reputation or notoriety, and they are an essential element for start-ups,” believes Manaf Bouchentouf, Director of the National Bank | HEC Montréal Accelerator.

He singles out Netflix, which conveyed, from the beginning, the fundamental value of trust in its work teams. Concretely, this translates to greater employee autonomy, but with the obligation of obtaining results.

Closer to home, the National Bank | HEC Montréal Accelerator supported ÉAU. The company develops vertical aquaponic farms that produce vegetables, fruits, and fish year-round. It goes without saying that the team relies on social values to produce healthy, local food. But another non-negotiable value is the inclusion of the community and all its various socioeconomic levels in its projects

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