Strategic plan 2021: For a more innovative, cleaner and inclusive Quebec economy

Canada is the fastest developing nation in the G7 (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States) both in terms of population and economy, so you’re probably wondering: “How will this affect startups?”

Well, the CED (Canadian Economic Development) has a plan prepared on how the country will allocate some of this growth towards fostering sustainable innovation, specifically in Quebec.

Their Strategic Plan 2021 sets out CED’s key directions until 2021. They plan to focus on innovation, clean growth, economic diversity and the development of a more inclusive economy.

  1. Innovation: Support growing and innovative businesses.
  2. Cleantech: Support businesses and regions participating in a clean-growth economy.
  3. Economic diversity: Support communities to foster their economic diversification and their participation in an inclusive economy.
  4. Inclusive: Foster the participation of Indigenous peoples in CED programs and the economic growth of Quebec.

Click here for the full plan!

Strategic plan 2021 at a glance: Top priorities are on innovation, cleantech, economic diversity, and inclusivity.


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