Things to Learn from a Business Failure

Editor’s Note: After the ceremony for the McGill Dobson Cup powered by National Bank last week, many of you will be taking a step back to see where you can make improvementsIt’s important that mistakes act as a stepping stone for you to move forward. This week we’re featuring an article from National Bank’s website about what you can learn in business, even if you fail. Skip to the full article here.

In business, you can’t really fail, you either succeed or you learn.

At least that’s what “SmallBizLady” Melinda Emerson tells anyone who will listen. Three local entrepreneurs tell us about how this sentiment echoes their own experiences with failure and learning in the world of business.

Initiatives like Failcamp, a series of conferences on the subject of failure, and the recent book published by Arnaud Granata entitled The Power of Failure are proof that how we view failure is different. More and more, setbacks are perceived as being a normal part of the entrepreneur’s path and even as an opportunity to perfect one’s way of doing business. A view of failure that Americans, like small business specialist Melinda Emerson, were quicker to adopt than Canadians.

Julien Brault, founder of the investment start-up Hardbacon, Olivier Lambert, web marketing expert and founder of the entrepreneur community La Tranchée, and Benjamin Jébrak, co-founder and CEO of the drone company Elipto, tell us about the failures they encountered as young business owners and the role it played in their growth as entrepreneurs.

Want to know what these entrepreneurs have to share with you?

View the full article on the National Bank’s Financial Tips website.

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