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Is your social enterprise looking for capital support, exposure, and analysis from experts? The Trico Charitable Foundation is hosting the Social EnterPrize this year. The two winners of this competition will each receive a prize money of $100,000, a video profile made by Trico Charitable Foundation, and an in-depth profile in a case study undertaken by a Canadian post-secondary institution. Awards will also be formally presented to the winners during the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Calgary during November.

The Social EnterPrize is a biennial event created by the Trico Charitable Foundation in 2011

Applicants will be judged on the scale of your social impact (40%), how well you have blended the social model with entrepreneurship (30%), the effectiveness of your management (20%), and whether you are continuing learning and evolving (10%).

To apply for the 2017 Social EnterPrize, simply fill out this application form and send it by email to [email protected] before 4 pm MST (6pm Montreal time), April 18, 2017.

Eligibility Requirements of Social EnterPrize:

  • Must be an organization headquartered in Canada (can operate outside of Canada);
  • Both non-Profit and For-Profit incorporation will be considered;
  • The social enterprise has at least 3 years of sales;
  • The social enterprise must address a gap in society (i.e. relief of economic exclusion, relief of poverty, relief of social exclusion, promoting good health or well-being, helping children and/or youth at risk, relief of the aged/seniors, enhanced quality of education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, climate action, enhancing life below water or on land, enhanced peace and justice); and
  • The applicant must be taking ‘direct action’ to close the gap in society: “A direct action is one an actor takes personally in order to bring about a specific desired outcome. An indirect action is one in which the actor convinces [or helps] another person or entity to take the specific action that brings about the desired outcome.” For example, consultants, incubators or accelerators, or associations that achieve social impact by helping other social enterprises achieve social impact, while laudable, do not qualify for the Social EnterPrize.
Eligible social enterprises from McGill include:
The winning pitch in the 2015 McGill Dobson Cup, Groundit converts used coffee grinds into organic fertilizer. They have had at least 3 years of sales. Check our our interview with them!


Micro Habitat
Micro Habitat is tackling the various social problems related to long-distance food transportation by building and maintaining edible gardens on urban rooftops. Check them out at


McGill social enterprises that may apply in the future include:
Vent Over Tea
Winner of the 2016 McGill Dobson Cup, Vent Over Tea offers a free active listening service that takes place in local cafes. They have around 1 year of sales right now. Check them out at
Winner of the 2016 McGill Dobson Cup, YUMiBOX by YUMiTRITION is a subscription service where gourmet whole grains are delivered monthly to your door. Check them out at


If you’re a social entrepreneur, do not miss out on this opportunity – learn more here!
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