Could this be the next big startup out of Montreal?

We’re excited to announce the startups moving on to the Semi-Finals of the McGill Dobson Cup 2017 powered by National Bank.

After reviewing 136 submissions in this year’s McGill Dobson Cup, 121 McGill startups are moving on to the next round of the competition where over $100,000 in seed funding will be awarded to the most promising startups across four tracks: Innovation Driven Enterprise, Small & Medium Enterprise, Social Enterprise, and Health Sciences.

The startups listed below will have the opportunity to pitch in front of world-class judges and mentors in the McGill Dobson Cup Semi-Finals scheduled for February 14-17, 2017.

Leading up to the next round of the McGill Dobson Cup, our Dobson Student Executive Team have organized a number of events and workshops to prepare McGill teams for the competition. All of the events are free to attend, however registration is required as spaces are limited.

Best of luck to all of the teams in this year’s McGill Dobson Cup!

– February 2, 2017: How to Pitch Your Startup Workshop

– February 9, 2017: Public Speaking Workshop

– February 14-17, 2017: SEMI-FINALS McGILL DOBSON CUP 2017

– February 23, 2017: Market Research Workshop

– March 7, 2017: Startup Financials Workshop

– March 9, 2017: Startup Legals & Protecting Your IP

– March 16, 2017: Social Media Marketing for Startups

– March 22, 2017: FINALS McGILL DOBSON CUP 2017

– March 30, 2017: McGill Dobson Cup 2017 Awards Ceremony


Health Sciences Track Semi-Finals – February 14, 2017

1. 2D-CrystaLab: 2D-CrystaLab brings crystal nanotechnology to clinical practice. It manufactures specialized toothpaste for cleaning dental implants.

2. BG Therapeutics: BG Therapeutics is a Canadian biomedical startup company built on a platform technology based on a patent-pending sol-gel technology for making bioactive borate glasses.

3. Blühen: Allowing small businesses to blossom with the cannabis industry by facilitating the local production of dosed extract for smokeless products.

4. Cardio Link: Cardio Link is a group of motivated individuals who have come together to create innovative devices and technologies that aid in cardiac surgery and health care.

5. CirKullum: CirKullum offers portable, light, affordable sturdy massaging devices inserted in a cushion available in all sizes and shapes for people who suffer from poor blood circulation.

6. Dialysave: Dialysave is an affordable, user-friendly and portable hemodialysis machine designed for CKD patients who require renal replacement therapy in developing nations. Dialysave addresses the need for accessible dialysis treatment.

7. DocMe: A mobile application that provides a preliminary diagnostic step for any medical need.

8.Doctor Pocket (previously Khoury Consulting Inc.): Doctor Pocket is an iOS and Android app that lets users connect to a network of elite medical specialists.

9. eNuvio inc.: eNuvio inc. is developing lab-on-a-chip technologies designed to empower scientists working in the life science and drug development research industries by automating the acquisition of high resolution scientific data.

10. Galenvs Sciences Inc.: Galenvs Sciences Inc. is a biotechnology start-up offering researchers and clinicians an integrative solution for next-generation 3D cell culture

11. GENE-Fit: GENE-Fit aims to provide the public with personalized nutrition and dietary care. GENE-Fit’s mission is to prevent diseases and maximize people’s well-being. Eat for your genetic fitness.

12. HeartGrid: For patients suffering from depression and heart problems, we remove the systematic need of their doctor visits by providing a means to capture their daily mental and physical health progression autonomously.

13. InnoVie Health: InnoVie Health will provide physicians with an evidence based AI SaaS tool designed to improve the diagnostic accuracy and treatment selection in an effort to deliver the best form of personalized medicine to each patient.

14. Orbital (previously Neurospark): Orbital is a consumer headset and application that uses Electroencephalography to provide neurofeedback therapy which can help combat mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and PTSD.

15. Saccade Analytics: Saccade Analytics identifies diseases from eye and head movement patterns, helping doctors perform quick, efficient, and non-invasive diagnosis.

16. Salus Innovations Inc.: Salus has created a medical assistive device aimed to alleviate and rehabilitate dropfoot and other mobility complications. Our non-active device uses elastics to reduce the muscle effort used while walking.

17. Sano: Sano is a mobile health engagement platform that uses precision testing to deliver customized health plans for individuals to combat chronic disease. Combining digital health technologies with personalized care to allow deliver a basic human need: Health

18. VitalTracer: We are in the business of mobile health and personalized medicine. We aim to create a convenient platform for those who have a need to track their vital signs.


Social Enterprise Track Semi-Finals – February 15, 2017

1. Busking for Change: Non-profit humanitarian organization where student-volunteer buskers perform in the streets of in subways for donations that ultimately go toward specific causes in the local community.

2. Community Art: We break down barriers to the arts for local high school artists by providing exposure, art supplies, scholarships and other opportunities so that their full potential can be realized.

3. E2 Adventures: We teach high school students about responsible consumption. We organize industrial field trips along value chains, starting at factories and ending at landfills or recyclers.

4. ECOBRIQUE Africa: The ECOBRIQUE project transforms non-biodegradable wastes into a valorized product addressing pressing environmental issues and creating new economic opportunities.

5. Eval(you)ate: Eval(you)ate is the first online application providing real-time feedback between students and educators in the classroom, creating actionable insights throughout the semester to enhance the learning experience for all involved.

6. FoodPrint: Our company’s mobile phone app “FoodPrint” is a transit app that encourages users to walk more and use public transport more, so as to achieve healthy lifestyles and reduce carbon emissions.

7. Gamel: Gamel provides healthy hot meals through a drop-off system of re-useable lunchboxes. Gamel seeks to tackle refugee unemployment and lack of affordable sustainable meals, whilst providing an international culinary experience.

8. GradLounge: GradLounge drives better research through a scalable web-based platform for graduate students, connecting researchers with one another to solve their research problems by breaking down academic knowledge silos.

9. Lumbrick: Lumbrick is a social enterprise which empowers women refugees in Kenya to become self-sustaining entrepreneurs by providing kits to recycle maize leaves into briquettes, and sell them as cooking fuel.

10. Meercle: With Meercle we aim to empower skilled international immigrants in Montreal to build their own professional network. Our purpose is helping people grow professionally, regardless of their initial familial connections.

11. Our Square: Radiating resilience in all corners of life. Be Square. A social enterprise that aims to embark on projects to promote the development of resilience in all aspects of life.

12. Pente à neige: Pente à neige wants to enhance winter for families in Montreal by offering community-oriented spaces with introduction to downhill skiing for children in various parks of the city

13. PERIOD.: PERIOD. challenges the taboo surrounding female reproductive health by engaging people in a social environment across stages of their reproductive health, fostering an empowered community.

14. Protera Farms: Protera Farms proposes to meet the challenge of feeding +2 billion people in 2050 through the development of insect farming for human consumption and animal feed in West Africa.

15. Recycl3D: Our goal is to transform the value chain of 3D printing into a value cycle by recycling 3D printing and plastic waste into new filament.

16. Shrümhilda: Shrümhilda provides stylishly unique and biodegradable footwear, fashioned from an innovative mycelium-based sole and sustainably grown fabrics. We aim to make the ‘greenest’ shoes to date.

17. Sileco: Sileco wants to create a network of collecting points for our reusable and foldable food container.

18. is a website created to connecting people through dinning. provides a platform for potluck events and home restaurant services for customers i.e Airbnb for restaurants.

19. Speakeasy: Speakeasy is a mobile app that allows university students to instantly and anonymously access a network of mentors in their community who provide early support for depression and anxiety.

20. SproutChange Inc.: SproutChange is a Peer-to-Peer lending platform that allows retail investors to invest their money in local socially responsible businesses. SproutChange is creating a marketplace at the intersection of fintech and impact investing.

21. STRONG: Domestic violence shelters’ standard practice is to funnel women through the welfare system. STRONG’s goal is to provide a HAND-UP so that they can become productive members of society.

22. The Circle of Life (previously Rapids Inc.): The Circle of Life is a mobile game bringing small groups physically together to create the space for compassionate conversation and to develop a sense of connection and community.

23. ThriveHere: ThriveHere offers an end-to-end, peer-based mentorship program, in order to facilitate an enriched transition experience and long-term academic success for students within post-secondary education, while reducing educational inequalities.

24. Umiko: Umiko is an eco-friendly urban farm that produces insect flour, fish, fresh local fruits and vegetables all year long. All of this is produced from organic waste.

25. VICCO: VICCO aims to connect College/University students from Canada willing to volunteer abroad, with local communities in Colombia in need for help with current development projects (humanitarian tourism).

26. WakeUp: WakeUp’s mission is to provide a digital platform that promotes active participation in civic engagement and the organization of local change-making events.

27. WelcomeHomeTO: Connecting resources, people, and organizations who support refugees: WHTO is a group of professionals from various disciplines with the shared goal of supporting the best settlement experience for new Canadians, starting with resettled refugees in Toronto.


Small & Medium Enterprise Track Semi-Finals – February 16, 2017

1. 40Love Tennis: 40Love Tennis delivers accessible and affordable afterschool tennis programs to elementary school children and aims to help kids set foundations for a healthy lifestyle by introducing them to the sport.

2. Amigrow, Inc.: Amigrow is a smarter point of exchanges system that allows users to seamlessly search and make purchases whilst managing expenses and generating a social media impact.

3. Apollo: Apollo has the potential to increase interactive learning by providing innovative solutions through one to one educational services.

4. Asset Designs: Asset Designs uses silkscreen printing to offer a bespoke artistic alternative to mass- produced garments. We offer an organically designed variation of the basic t-shirt, subtly featuring original art and poetry.

5. AthLit: AthLit is a platform where the main purpose is to find sport partner(s) to play a collective sport.

6. AudioBarn: AudioBarn is an online listing service to connect the musician community with local music related businesses. Its purpose is to help musicians save time and/or money when looking for instrument retailers, music lessons, jam spaces, and repair stores.

7. Beluggage: Beluggage is a company that offers an inexpensive luggage delivery service door to door for casual, business and frequent flyers who can precise the time of pick up and delivery

8. BonAprt: Facilitate, on a daily basis, the relationship between the tenant and the owner of an apartment, via a dynamic social platform and allowing them to promote themselves on this platform.

9. BoxKnight: BoxKnight is a last mile delivery solution that allows online retailers to provide scheduled evening deliveries to their customers. Our API is incredibly easy to integrate, and customers can choose to ship with us at checkout.

10. Bundled: If Costco and e-commerce were to have a millennial child, it would be Bundled: an affordable and refreshing way of getting your daily essentials.

11. Candy Cutlery: Candy Cutlery is an innovative food startup that aims to create flavourful, functional and environmentally-friendly food products to enhance user eating experiences.

12. Encorre: Encorre is an online marketplace connecting musicians for hire with people hosting events in Toronto and Montreal – expanding soon. We make it easier for amateur musicians to gain traction.

13. Excellence Construction Rénovation: Excellence Construction Rénovation is a general contractor company that offers construction and renovation services for residential and commercial needs. As of now, our company has managed the construction of houses and has also been involved in commercial buildings renovation.

14. EZLaw: EZLaw connects individuals and small businesses with highly qualified, pre-vetted lawyers. Our core value proposition is to make legal service affordable, reliable, transparent and easy to access.

15. Find With Style: Find With Style is an online destination to help anyone discover a vast number of beauty services, nearby beauticians and book appointments.

16. Flatmate: Flatmate is a cross-platform application that helps like-minded individuals find roommates and apartments.

17. is a food service which connects restaurants and home based cooks to customers through our website. We offer a la carte, weekly and monthly meal plans to our customers.

18. HelloVincent: A web-based community crowdfunding platform for visual artists, art patrons, art collectors and venues such as art galleries. It encourages creation, funding and consumption of art.

19. INKLING AND COMPANY: With Inkling, customers can craft their way to their perfect notebook any time of the day from anywhere in the world.

20. JuriDesign: Drafting court documents for everyday legal matters should be an easy process for everyone. This process is called JuriDesign: a legal document automation service for non-lawyers.

21. Mandala Cheese: We produce a growing range of ripened, artisanal, organic, non-dairy cheeses: cheddar, brie and parmesan. We seek to bring the pleasures of the cheeseboard to the non-dairy world.

22. Metropolitan Attitude: Our lifestyle brand caters to stylish professionals with sustainable, custom fitted apparel that expresses their style and positive attitude. We offer Canadian made custom Jeans, customizable in five easy steps.

23. is a cloud-based residential property management SAAS for independent landlords and designed for the modern tenant. We help streamline the most crucial landlord processes — from tenant screening and rent collection, to legal, accounting and marketing, while creating the ultimate tenant experience.

24. Myco-Rise: At Myco-Rise we transform organic sources of post-consumer and agricultural waste into nutritionally dense and delicious gourmet mushrooms for everyone to enjoy.

25. NightLoop: NightLoop seeks to solves this problem of overall nightlife transparency by offering students a crowdsourced review feed of nightlife events in real-time.

26. PairUp: PairUp is an online platform for connecting temporary vacancies with local property management.

27. ParkHere!: A Geoweb 2.0 app that reduces automobile emissions by helping city residents find and pay for public, private and road-side parking faster

28. PeersIdea: We are an online community platform dedicated to bringing local communities to the web. Our core service is to enable local communities to host online networking events.

29. Portal Vision: Portal Vision is a mobile application that allows real estate agents to create virtual 360 tours of their listings straight from their mobile device.

30. Rawlin: Rawlin is a quick-service restaurant serving healthy rolls and changing students eating habits through simple education.

31. Reducto: Reducto enables SMEs to engage their customers with the help of a personalized app and rewards/loyalty system.

32. Roomy: Roomy is a fun-to-use location-based social search mobile app whose vision is to create the finest connection between potential roommates and their compatible living space eliminating the uncertainty of change.

33. S!MVO: S!MVO is an educational company that works to improve institutions of higher education through a novel way of implementing diverse and innovative solutions pertinent to life as a university student.

34. Sequin: Sequin is a two-sided dress marketplace that allows university women to rent a variety beautiful dresses from their peers for their events at a fraction of the cost.

35. Shopping Blue: Online retailer of home textiles and accessories for those who are passionate about the Mediterranean region and its products while supporting manufacturing in developed and emerging markets of this region.

36. Siku Art Leasing: Art leasing service of Inuit art for organizations, with a lease-to-own option. Our mission is to facilitate access to art, create stimulating workplaces and connect new generations of customers with artists.

37. SimpleBakes: SimpleBakes provides healthy, homemade and affordable vegan cookies, only using natural ingredients.

38. Singal’s: Singal’s is an online South Asian grocery delivery service.

39. SkipLane: SkipLane aims to revolutionize the experiences of people dining out by providing services to pre-order their food, reserve table and pay using our e-wallet service at places that do not accept card payments.

40. SMLS (previously Module Clinton Globale Inn Logistique Innovation (McGili)): SMLS, a set of logistics services, is built around interconnected lockers placed at strategic frequently visited venues. SMLS various size compartments handle mail and offer other ancillary services at customers’ convenience.

41. Spark: Spark brings to users all the learning material available in the world in a unique way that will encourage these users to go learn more.

42. A website where businesses and students can find skilled university students to collaborate with on projects and enterprises.

43. SWTCH: SWTCH is a marketplace platform for residential electric vehicle (EV) charging. It connects residential EV charger owners with EV drivers and facilitates the transactional process of residential EV charging.

44. This Rocks (by MNA Games): This Rocks is a board game focused on building a mining company from the ground up. We want to inform players of the mining scene by incorporating core industry concepts.

45. Tutor2Go: Tutor2Go; a mobile application connecting students and tutors in close proximity of each other, exchanging knowledge and expertise

46. UKid: UKid provides affordable, accessible, and simple solution to connect time-limited individuals with verified college students who willing to take time-consuming tasks in exchange for wages in Montreal region.

47. Vezza (previously Plantiful & Co): Vezza is a vegetable-based frozen pizza kit made with healthy ingredients and that provides a clean label packed with flavour, innovation and customization options.

48. Vicis Labs: Vicis Labs is a social enterprise that leverages behavioural science, design, and technology to achieve improvements in financial health and literacy

49. Voco Studios: Voco Studios makes affordable videos for startups by working with new and talented creators to give them their first job in the film industry: the first step towards building the future of storytelling.

50. Will + Zack: For women that want the perfect fit, Will + Zack offers elegant, made-to-measure womenswear that suits them perfectly.


Innovation Driven Enterprise Track Semi-Finals – February 17, 2017

1. AeroPropre: AeroPropre is an innovation driven startup which aim to improve air care system by providing effective and efficient solution to improve air quality.

2. Audible Reality: Audible Reality develops revolutionary and disruptive technology that enables the creation of 3D audio for immersive media (virtual or augmented reality) and spatialized communications.

3. BuildKit: BuildKit is a Cloud Execution Platform which makes complete software solutions accessible through a Web Browser from anywhere. Team collaboration, sharing and going back in time are one click away.

4. Dana Technology: We are an invoice and receipt management start-up that combines optical character recognition and machine learning technologies to provide innovative bookkeeping solutions.

5. EBHnow: EBHnow is a website that offers easy, instant and free access to evidence‐based healthcare information to Healthcare professionals, researchers and companies, thus making evidence‐based healthcare a reality.

6. ENERj: ENERj is an innovative approach to electricity monitoring providing users with a fun, interactive way to keep track of their energy usage and generate savings.

7. FamKeepa: FamKeepa offers a web-based shopping service, allowing migrants to buy goods and services for their relatives who live in their countries of origin, without sending cash and incurring significant costs.

8. Fertile Crescent: Fertile Crescent provides spatial maps to assist farmers with crop management. Satellite data is processed into information products quantifying crop development and health, aiding farmers with strategic usage of resources.

9. fittcoach: fittcoach is a peer-to-peer marketplace that helps users find low-cost, high-quality, and customized personal training services from everyday people who are passionate and experiences in fitness & health services.

10. Immersed: Immersed is an app that generates tailored learning material for language learners to improve their vocabulary without allocating extra time in their schedule while continuously engaging them throughout the day.

11. Junius: Junius is a robo-advisor that allows millennials to develop better financial habits by improving their financial literacy level.

12. Katchup: Katchup radically simplifies e-education by providing a modern web-based platform to navigate online lecture content using speech recognition and natural language processing.

13. Keenoa: The bridge to efficiency, Keenoa is a user-friendly web application for dietitians to view and access their patients’ Fitbit food tracker app information.

14. MateBand: MateBand is a wearable device that can have the ability to provide safety and connectivity between individuals at large-scale events through the use of a panic button and a hydration alert system.

15. ModWind Technologies: Manufacturing, marketing and installing of small-scale vertical wind energy solutions adapted to the Canadian North, these solutions are off-grid and low cost.

16. Nictus: The venture provides early detection and real time monitoring of bushfires using a constellation of CubeSats – shoebox sized satellites, potentially saving billions annually in bushfire related damages.

17. Nimbus: Nimbus is a closed, integrated, cloud-based platform consisting of tools that will increase collaboration, engagement, and efficiency across all stakeholders in a university ecosystem.

18. O / S – furniture: O / S furniture is an online customizable furniture company, which revolves around new eco-respon- sible fabrication technologies. It explores unique ways of visualization to overcome the constraints of spatial delimitations.

19. Pic a Diet: “Pic a diet” is a website application, which will easily allow clients to connect with one of our Canadian Board Certified Registered Dietitians.

20. PillMinder: A smart pillbox that takes the guesswork out of staying healthy.

21. Quantum Republic Inc.: Quantum Republic’s Firenet service will deliver next-generation high-speed Internet to individuals and businesses across a robust, self-sufficient network reimagined for the future.

22. Sensorstream: Sensorstream is a solution for converting any device which displays mechanical or analog measurements, such as pressure gauges or energy meters, into smart, connected devices.

23. SocialSights: SocialSights provides deep and insightful data on your life, your writing style and your relationship to others by analyzing your messaging history.

24. SwimTech: Salvavidas is SwimTech’s first product aiming to provide a reliable solution to drowning by introducing trustworthy technologies into swimming safety products that are suitable for all age groups.

25. TmDesk: TmDesk is a virtual desk designed for project planning and brainstorming, keeping all team discussions in one place.

26. UforU Company: When you are applying for overseas study, U for U is somewhere you can get direct information for, talk to a real overseas student in your dreaming school, and even arrange for everything before your journey!

Renjie Butalid

Renjie Butalid

Renjie Butalid is the Associate Director of the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship and has raised $7M+ to power university entrepreneurship.