Startup Spotlight: BoxKnight

Have you ever missed the delivery of an online purchase because you were not at home to receive it? Or had to go to the nearest Canada Post or UPS to pick up the package? Perhaps your purchases were left outside and was partially destroyed because of rain or snow?

If you answered yes to having faced any of the problems mentioned above, BoxKnight brings you a solution.

Co-founded by Peter Psyharis, Maya Botti and Hasan Ahmed (pictured from L-R in the main photo above), BoxKnight is a delivery service that allows customers to schedule the delivery of their online purchases after 5pm. This service allows customers to receive their purchases in perfect condition and allows the delivery to take place outside of business hours to fit the customer’s schedule. Customers are contacted by Team BoxKnight an hour ahead of time to organize the delivery and have the option to track the package from the warehouse to their doorstep.

BoxKnight allows you to schedule evening deliveries from any website, making missed packages a story of the past. Learn more

Peter came up with the idea after having missed many of his deliveries, including having his brand new Xbox destroyed by snow when it got delivered and left outside his house. After brainstorming and sharing ideas with his friend, Maya, she became part of the team and is currently handling the operational side of BoxKnight. Although Maya and Peter had great ideas, they found it difficult to implement them immediately as they did not have a CTO.

Enter Hasan, a developer, who came to the rescue. Having been introduced to Team BoxKnight through a mutual connection, Hasan was able to take Peter and Maya’s ideas and customer feedback, transforming it into an API and furthering the business by creating a Shopify app to be used by retailers.

BoxKnight enables online retailers to easily integrate their services in the checkout process using their API or Shopify app. Learn more.

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Team BoxKnight also had the opportunity to participate in the McGill Lean Startup Program 2016 last semester. Not only did they gain immense knowledge on the lean startup methodology, the program also helped them to narrow down their idea to reveal the true essence of their service.

Peter Psyharis, co-founder of BoxKnight, pitching during the McGill Lean Startup Program 2016 last Fall semester

One of the main gains the team got out of this experience was talking to their customers. Peter, Maya and Hasan emphasized that customers do know what they want but may not always know how best to express it. As such, as entrepreneurs and founders of an early-stage company, a strong focus on the customer discovery process is essential towards building a product or service that your customers value.

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BoxKnight (formerly known as Parscit) delivery is currently integrated on two Montreal-based company websites: DRPT Clothing and Orobru Coffee

Currently, BoxKnight is integrated on two Montreal-based company websites: DRPT Clothing and Orobru Coffee. In the future, they are working on collaborating with more retailers, exploring the “personal option” where customers can create an account with BoxKnight and be able to use their service on any online shopping website, as well as offering same day deliveries!

Be sure to check out BoxKnight online at

Sharanya Venkatesh

Sharanya Venkatesh is a U3 Geography and Social Entrepreneurship student at McGill University. Being a new member to The Dobson Chronicles team, she looks forward to learning more about the startup community at McGill and in Montreal.