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Editor’s Note: Dobsonites! If you have a startup and at least a prototype of your product, have a read about Neoshop Montréal. This innovation boutique could be a good opportunity to showcase your novel products.


Neoshop Montréal: Concept store by Quartier de l’innovation (QI) brings innovative products to the forefront

Technology and innovation enthusiasts, rejoice! As of this December, Montreal will now have its very own innovation boutique: Neoshop Montréal.

The Dobson Chronicles sat down with Hugo Paquin, Manager of Neoshop Montréal to get more information.

What exactly is Neoshop?

An international network of innovation boutiques that started out in France. Neoshop Montréal will be the first boutique in North America, and like other Neoshops, will exclusively showcase products from startups. The Quartier de l’innovation, the city’s innovation district, is behind this unique concept. The aim is to create a physical space where people can see, experiment with, comment on and purchase innovative products.

What kind of products are we talking about?

A wide variety. The Internet of Things is in the spotlight at the moment and no innovation store would be complete without having its share of tech gizmos and connected items, e.g. wearables and smart clothing. The inventory will also hold a lot of other types of objects, for work or for fun, for individuals, couples or family, and for all types of budgets. As long as the product is a physical, tangible good designed for the consumer market, and that it is not a prototype, Neoshop Montréal is interested in showcasing it! If you know of a product that could potentially be featured, let us know here and we can evaluate it for free.

A wide variety of innovative products will be featured, some of them coming from other Neoshops across the world.

Beside offering their cool new products to the world, what’s in it for startups?

A lot actually! The mission of Neoshop is really to get companies to reach the next level of their growth, and to propel them locally and internationally. A distinctive feature of the store is the feedback collecting process. By establishing a deep understanding of the products and the companies behind them, the specialists at Neoshop are able to collect feedback and insights from the store’s visitors and communicate them to startups on a regular basis, allowing them to adapt their strategies accordingly. This helps them validate their go-to-market approach and their commercialization hypotheses.

Each product showcased at Neoshop will stay from 6 to 9 months at a time, the goal being to keep a fresh, cutting-edge inventory for customers.

Another important value adding element is the visibility Neoshop provides, both locally and internationally. Companies making the leap from product development to commercialization usually lack the exposure, reach and network of more established brands. Neoshop aims to become a well-known brand that can act as a launching pad into the market for those smaller players. Actually, since no other store like this exists in Quebec, the project has generated a lot of hype and media coverage ever since it was announced in January 2016. This visibility will be further enhanced by a pop store version of the store that will also be going around the province showcasing the products and recruiting new ones.


Finally, the support Neoshop Montréal will give its various startups the ability to connect various stakeholders; mentors, experts, distributors, potential customers, etc. There will also be numerous in-store activities like demo nights, workshops, focus groups and co-development initiatives.

In sum, the goal for Neoshop is to create an address for product innovation in Montréal. For customers, it’s an opportunity to discover innovative wares and take an active part in helping entrepreneurs perfect their strategy. For startups, it offers them a stepping stone towards the consumer market, one where they can validate their commercialization hypotheses, learn about best practices, meet other entrepreneurs and experts from across the ecosystem, while also getting visibility for their products locally and internationally.

Stay tuned for more information about Neoshop Montréal through the Quartier de l’innovation’s Facebook page. If you have questions, you can direct them to Hugo Paquin ([email protected]), Manager of Neoshop Montréal.


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