4 Tips on Starting your startup from SHeEO Founder, Vicki Saunders

4 Tips on Starting your startup from SHeEO Founder, Vicki Saunders

Today more than 50% of graduates from university want to start their own thing. Entrepreneurship has never been more popular and there are lots of reasons why.

85 people on this planet have the same wealth as 3.5 billion people.

We have never been more unequal. We need new approaches to economics, to wealth creation and to social structures.

Do you have an idea for how to change that?

With the recent insights from neuroscience, we know that our Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education system is designed exactly the opposite of how people learn.

Any ideas on how to fix that?

People are feeling isolated, stressed, overworked, and lonely (on a planet of 7 billion people).

Today, you can pick almost any sector; transportation, healthcare, gaming, fashion, food and find ways to create a better world.

The systems we have in place were designed a long time ago for a much different world. It’s time for an upgrade and you can be part of designing a better world.

There has never been a better time to be alive if you are a creator, maker or entrepreneur. This is your nirvana!

So, how do you get started?

1. Start small. Find something that makes you crazy, that you want to fix, that feels unjust, that feels cool or fresh or new and start. Experiment. Join someone else’s project and see what you like about it, what you’d do differently. Ask people what they think of your idea. See if anyone wants to help you and set a small goal to get started. I’ve found that once you achieve something you start to dream a little bigger. Dreaming is a muscle. Give it some time to develop. Get out there and try things, don’t wait for the big idea or you might never get started.

2. Expand your circle of influence. If you can’t think of anything immediately expand your circle of influence. Go to a new part of your city. Have conversations with people you wouldn’t normally talk to. Go to a foreign film. Got to the bookstore and read a magazine you’ve never heard of before. When you expand your circle of influence you start to see things differently and identify new opportunities to make a change.

3. Figure out what you love. We often are unaware of our mastery because it comes so easy to us. Ask your friends what they think you are great at. Others can tell us almost immediately what they think we are good at. Start there. If you are going to be focusing on creating something in the world, start with what you are you good at, not with something you know nothing about.

4. Find a partner. Creators, makers and entrepreneurs often feel isolated so find a friend to do this with, someone who has different strengths than you do. Go to the App Store and download Thinking Talents by Levo League. It’s free and will give you a quick summary of what you are good at. Then pick a partner who is good at the things you are aren’t.

Read Think Like A SheEO for all kinds of exercises to get you started on figuring out what you are uniquely talented to do in this world. We all have something to give.

Someone out there needs you, live your live so that they can find you.

“If you have any questions make your “Ask” here: https://sheeo.world/ask

By vicki saunders

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